Horse Network - Investment Opportunity

Nottinghamshire Horse is part of a growing network of local equestrian websites, currently reaching a combined monthly audience of 30,000 unique users. 

13 county/area websites are already established (see - with regular, loyal audiences and advertisers - demonstrating a proven, scalable revenue model. A further 9 county/area websites were launched in early 2017.

Horse Network Limited is currently seeking a business partner / investment partner to help us expand our network of local equestrian websites across the UK - one site for each English county plus Welsh and Scottish regions (download list).

We will consider investment from private individuals, corporate investment or joint venture arrangements with established publishing companies. (Full acquisition of the company or website portfolio may also considered for the right price.)

The business has several key advantages:


      • a business concept that has been fully tested and proven to fulfil a market need
      • a proven revenue model
      • experienced management with directly relevant experience and skills
      • multiple advertising revenue streams
      • realistic revenue forecasts based on current business activity
      • tried and tested sales and marketing activity
      • a technical platform already developed and operational
      • scalability with relatively low additional operating costs for new websites
      • minimal editorial resource requirements with predominantly user-generated content
      • a valuable portfolio of domain name assets - [county] for every single English county and Welsh/Scottish region - excellent for both branding and SEO
      • potential spin-off opportunities for live events, education & training, merchandise, etc.

We can offer an investor a significant equity stake in the business and the prospect of a considerable return on their investment.

The investment should be eligible for the Enterprise Investment Scheme providing 30% Income Tax relief.


For further information please contact -


David Taylor
07896 094811
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